School Board

The Honey Creek Community School’s Board of Trustees is responsible for setting policy, approving school budget, and acting as the governance body for the school. The Board is made up of parents of Honey Creek students and community members. The primary responsibility of the board is to implement the principles of the Honey Creek Community School, which are to promote the educational interests and social-emotional well-being of children in Washtenaw County. Board elections are held annually in May to fill vacancies. The public is welcome to attend Honey Creek Board meetings. Please see the Board of Trustees’ Policy Document for detailed information about our bylaws and policies. Board meetings are generally scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held at 5:30PM in the High Point Reception Room (Pit). Please see the school calendar for specific dates and times.

2018-19 Board Members (term ending):

  • Matthias Kirch/Board President (2019)
  • Bryan Cole/Board Vice President (2019)
  • Bridgette Carr/Treasurer (2019)
  • Barnaby Pung/Secretary (2020)
  • Andrew Sheibar (2019)
  • Wayne Millette (2020)
  • Victoria Bennett (2020)
  • Melanie Hagan (2020)
  • Nicole Garcia (2021)
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