Physical Education

Pedagogy & Curriculum

The purpose of PE at Honey Creek is to teach children how to remain healthy for their lifetime. Students learn this through educational workouts and activities that are based on the Michigan Content Standards and Benchmarks for PE.

Students in K-5 participate in one 50 minute block of PE per week and one 50 minute block of swimming per week. Middle school students have one 50 minute block of PE and can choose a swimming elective 2 days per week. PE classes offer a combination of team sports and individual activities (ex: yoga, jump roping) with a strong emphasis on positive sportsmanship and communication skills. Swimming offers instruction on all competitive and non-competitive strokes and team building activities.


Students are assessed at every grade level (K/1, MS, etc.) by participating in the Presidential Fitness testing. The results from this test are used to help determine what areas of the PE program need greater emphasis. Students are assessed on a weekly basis on whether they come to class prepared and participate to their fullest capability.

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