The music curriculum is based on the requirements set by the State of Michigan through the Michigan Content Standards and Benchmarks for Elementary and Middle School Music. Students achieve the Standards and Benchmarks through activities using the book Game Plan, An Active Music Curriculum, Baroque Recorder Method for elementary music, Standard of Excellence for the bands, and Sing at First Sight for choir. Twice a year students learn supplemental songs to perform at a school-wide concert. Elementary students meet once a week for a 50 minute class period. Bands 1 and 2 meet three times a week. Choir is a semester long elective class for middle school students. This class meets twice a week.


Music incorporates and synthesizes all the other subjects. For example, music is science through the study of sound. Students learn math while studying rhythms. Music includes history with the study of music history. Music is a foreign language requiring interpretation of the notes and symbols. While learning to play an instrument you learn to use your body in a new way. Music is team building because the students work together to create it.


Students receive a report card twice a year. To determine these grades students are assessed weekly on their progress with the skills in each lesson. Progress measures include oral quizzes, playing quizzes, written tests, group activities, worksheets and games. Students are also evaluated on their participation and preparedness.

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