Middle School (6/7/8)

The middle school is an amazing and unique part of Honey Creek, providing students with a challenging and yet creative approach to learning and being in community with one another. The middle school is divided into four main subject areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science) and multiple specials/electives classes (Technology Special, Art Special, Gym, Band II, Chorus, Swim, Tech Elective, and Art Elective). Students are in multi-age classrooms (6th/7th/8th mixed together), and they experience each subject through a project-based and thematic approach. The curriculum, which is developed by our teachers, is integrated over all three years.

As at a traditional public school, students begin each day with their base class. At Honey Creek, Core Classes are scheduled in morning blocks, with students rotating between subject areas. During the afternoons, time is set aside for specials, electives, project work, life skills, team-building, and study hall.

Project work is an integral part of the HCCS middle school experience. The Independent Project is a skills-based personal project on a topic of choice. The project is outlined in a step-by-step process, from creating a proposal, building notecards from research, arranging a visual aid, and finishing with a presentation in front of a crowd.



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