Special Events

Below is a list of several of the community events that take place throughout the school year.

Bagel Fridays (All year)

Every Friday the community comes together before school to enjoy bagels, juice, coffee and camaraderie.

Community Picnic (August)

We come together at Independence Lake each Summer before the start of school to see old friends, meet new friends, and get information about classes. It’s always a great way to kick off the school year!

Grade Level Potlucks (Sept—Oct)

Each grade level organizes a potluck at the beginning of the year which gives families a chance to meet and get to know each other and their teachers in a fun, friendly setting.

Fall Festival (October)

At the end of October, an evening is set aside for activities evoking the spirit of the season. There is a “haunted house” organized by the middle school students, games and crafts at stations throughout the gym and families have the option of attending wearing costumes. read more…

Honey Creek/High Point Craft and Bake Sale (December)

A fun-filled funraiser! With the guidance of crafty volunteers, kids and parents alike are treated to a craft bizarre where they can purchase hand made crafts and baked goods to benefit the PTO.

Winter & Spring Performances (Dec & May)

A musical extravaganza with performances from the 4/5 and Midle School band, the Middle School Choir, and the entire Elementary School. read more…

Curriculum Celebrations (Jan & May)

Twice a year, the Honey Creek community bears witness to the accomplishments of the students. Projects and art works of all kinds are on display. Students extend their learning as they lead their families through the school and explain what they discovered in working to complete various assignments throughout each semester. read more…

Talent Show (March)

Begun in 2007, the Honey Creek Talent Show was immediately embraced as an annual springtime tradition. The event serves as a life-skills learning experience for middle school students who are responsible for all aspects of its organization and production. read more…

Earth Day Celebration (April)

Every April, the Honey Creek community observes Earth Day through a variety of learning and volunteer activities designed to celebrate our planet. Students have planted trees, created composting and recycling programs, listened to indigenous folk tales read more…

STEM Fair (Spring)

The annual STEM Fair is an opportunity for Honey Creek students to pursue their interests in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math through an individual project they share with the entire community. read more…

PE Play Day (June)

The warm weather and end of the school year make PE (Physical Education) Play Day a fun, annual rite of summer. Students and faculty are sorted into mixed-age groups for an afternoon of fun fitness games. read more…

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