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School Board update for December, 2011

The Honey Creek Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, Wednesday November 16, 2011

Tammy Hall, the School Board teacher liaison, provided an abridged version of the information that she, Mary Bassett and Salli Kropp presented at the MASB conference in October. The presentation, which focused on the thematic based learning curriculum at Honey Creek, was very well received.

The Board unanimously approved the Governance Committee’s recommendation of Will Hathaway to the Board. His term will run thru the 2011-2012 school year. Thank you, Will, for your continued dedication to the school.

The Outreach Committee reported that the work on the schools new website is progressing well with the goal of launching the site in January.

The Fund Development Committee is actively working on obtaining a separate 501(c) status with the goal to have the new organizations mission, articles of incorporation and bylaws ready to present to the Board and PTO in December.

The Board also unanimously supported the administration with regards to the opposition to Senate Bill 137 School Bullying Policy. The bill contained language which did NOT prohibit conduct based on “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil or a pupil’s parent or guardian”. As written, the bill can be construed as permitting bullying if the student falls under this exception. Al will send a letter to the appropriate governmental parties regarding Honey Creek’s opposition.

The Board will meet next on December 14, 2011 at 5:30 pm in the Pit. Respectfully,

Kelly Krawcke, Secretary

School Board update for November, 2011

The Honey Creek Community School Board of Trustees met Wednesday October 26th, 2011. The Board minutes are available on the HCCS website for your review.

Members of the 2011-2012 Board include:

  • Patrick Conlin, Trustee
  • Brian Hockley, Treasurer
  • Linda Knox , Vice President
  • Kelly Krawcke , Secretary
  • Scott Mahler, President
  • Lisa Wozniak, Trustee

This month’s meeting included reviews of the operating committee reports from:

  • The Fund Development Committee, who are working on establishing 501c3 status separate from the school’s, to help expand the school’s fund-raising capabilities
  • The Governance Committee, who finalized the Directors Assessment which was approved by the Board
  • The Outreach Committee who, amongst other things, are actively working with Bill VanLoo to develop a new website
  • The Strategy Committee who continue their efforts with regards to the schools strategic plan.

The Board would like to extend a heart felt “Thank You” to Libby Sheldon, who, after serving on the Board for the past two years, has decided to step down. Her knowledge, advocacy and passion for the Honey Creek community will be missed on the Board, though she remains an active part of HCCS.

The Governance Committee will select a candidate to complete the remainder of the 2011-2012 term. This candidate will be appointed by the board at the next Board Meeting scheduled for November 16, 2011 at 5:30 in the Pit.


With appreciation,

Kelly Krawcke, Secretary

Director’s Report for November, 2011

Greetings all,

We held a number of successful events in October, starting with the Run/Walk-A-Thon. I’d like to recognize Angie Tracy who planned and ran this event with the support of her family and a number of other volunteers. I understand that the event raised approximately $6000 dollars, which I’m certain the PTO will use to enhance the learning experience for all of our students.

I’d also like to recognize Kim Smith and the cadre of volunteers who put together an amazing fall festival. This year, several events coincided with the festival. Deb Lentz and Jane Pacheco planned and organized an incredible harvest dinner. The proceeds will go toward providing the school with a new salad bar, granting more access and healthier food options to all of our students. The STEM committee hosted our first “Pumpkin Chunkin” event. Student and parent volunteers under the guidance of Bruce Worden built the catapult used to launch the pumpkins.

With all of these events going on simultaneously, I’m sure that I failed to recognize several of you for your contributions. So please accept my thanks for all you do. This is such an energetic, dynamic, talented and giving community. Your contributions enrich the experience of every Honey Creek student!

On another note, students have been engaged in the state assessment program for the last three weeks. I’d like to recognize them for their efforts, and for their willingness to accommodate what, out of necessity, was a confusing schedule. As the assessments were progressing, the state notified us regarding changes in how the MEAP will be scored. Under the new scoring system, the State is predicting that there will be a 30% decrease in the number of students who will demonstrate proficiency on the various assessments. This change is to increase student achievement and prepare students to meet the new college and career readiness standards. As I receive more information about how this will impact our students, I will share it with you.

Finally, I have noticed that traffic on the main drive and in the parking lot appears to be moving faster. Please keep in mind that the speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour. Also, keep in mind that the curb parallel to the building is a no parking zone. If you must leave your car, you must park in the lot. This is also true when we hold after school events. I greatly appreciate your support in this matter.

Have a safe and healthy November,


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