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Physical Education News: March 2012

     Before break we finished up presentations and game play of 4/5 and MS game designs. The students were very creative with this and everyone enjoyed playing the winning games. We also did a bit of yoga review the last 2 weeks before break. The younger levels worked on finishing their manipulative skills unit and also some basic yoga.

Coming up in PE the older levels will be learning the game of team handball. This game is most popular in Europe and is an Olympic sport. Not very many students have heard of this game. It is a combination of basketball and soccer. Students will learn team building skills, goal tending, offensive and defensive strategies, communication skills and manipulative skills (dribbling, throwing, catching, shooting).

The younger levels will be focusing on team building activities. They will play fun games that require teamwork, communication and cooperation to achieve the task.

In swimming we are continuing to progress at all grade levels in more specific areas of the strokes. We are digging deeper and learning that the better form you have with your stroke the easier it will be for you to swim and the less tired you will be! In addition to strokes (front, back, elementary, side stroke and breast stroke) students are also learning treading, surface diving, team building and strength and conditioning.

Physical Education/Swimming News February 2012

    This past month the lower and middle el have been focusing on manipulative skills. They worked on underhand and overhand throw and catch, soccer kick and trap, and striking with an implement where they tried tee ball, scooter hockey, tennis and pillo polo. The upper el and middle school have been working on designing their own games. In small groups they have to come up with a creative game that does not already exist. Then they present it to the class and the class votes on which game they like best. The game with the most votes is played on the final day of the unit. The kids have really gotten excited about this project and are doing very well.  February will consist of approximately 2 or 3 yoga lessons using yoga pretzel cards, Wai Lana’s Little Yogi’s DVD’s and Global Family Yoga’s Chill Children.

In the pool the students had a basic assessment of their front and back floats, front crawl and back crawl. Students are expected by state standards and benchmarks to be able to achieve these skills by the end of 2nd grade. Most of our students are surpassing this and many are well on their way. Some of the K1’s are moving onto the elementary back stroke and the middle and upper el are starting to learn the basics of the side stroke.

Physical Education update for January, 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful break! 2012 is a new year and now is the time to get motivated to live healthy! We will continue to work with that in mind during PE/Swim, where we are learning how to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Honey Creek swimmers have been doing a phenomenal job in the pool, working very hard and becoming very strong! Upcoming, in January, swimmers will be focusing on the side stroke in addition to all other strokes they have been working on this year.

PE has been fun this month, with the older classes learning a new game called Rookie Rugby, and the younger classes focusing on movement concepts. In January, younger grades will focus on manipulative skills while older grades focus on creating their own movement sequences in small groups.

Please come check out a fabulous slide show at the Curriculum Celebration on January 13th. There are many pictures of what your child has been up to in PE and Swim classes.

Physical Education update for December, 2011

We just finished a pickleball unit with the upper grades and locomotor skills unit with the lower grades. In December, the upper grades will be learning a game called “rookie rugby”. This game allows students to learn and participate in the game of rugby without player to player contact. You can look up more info at www.rookierugby.com. The lower grade levels will be playing games that focus on movement concepts (space awareness, effort and relationships).

In swimming the upper grades learned a new game called Steal the Bacon and have been focusing on their breast stroke. They will continue to do so throughout December, in addition to their front and back stroke and elementary back stroke. The younger grade levels worked on surface diving and added in the frog kick. They are also continuing to show improvement in all strokes and are becoming stronger swimmers throughout the course of the year.

If you have any swimsuits to donate (specifically female suits) or towels, we are in need. Please drop them by my office at any time. Thanks!

Physical Education/Swimming update for November, 2011

We have had another great month in PE and Swimming! We practiced our basketball skills at all levels, focusing on correct form for dribbling, passing and shooting and adding in layups, defense, and games in the 4.5’s and MS. All students showed tremendous improvement throughout the course of this unit.

In swimming we have continued to work on front crawl and back crawl and added in the elementary back stroke for the 2.3’s and 4.5’s. The students are working very hard with 77% of 2.3’s as deep end swimmers and 92% of 4.5’s. We really strive to help students pass this test because we feel confident that if they ever found themselves in a sticky situation the knowledge and skills required to pass this test could help them save their lives. The K/1’s are working hard as well as we have 4 deep end swimmers and 5 middle area swimmers! We have been focusing on breathing and kicking with this age group.

Coming up in PE this month for the K/1’s will be locomotor skills (skipping, galloping, jumping, hopping, leaping, sliding). These skills should be in complete, mature form by the end of 2nd grade. The other levels will begin learning a sport called pickleball. Pickleball is a played on a court similar to a badminton court and uses a racquet made of wood or plastic (we have plastic racquets). It uses a heavier type of whiffle ball and is usually played 2 vs 2. We will have 2 courts and will play 4 vs. 4 to allow everyone ample playing time. Check out this link to learn more about pickleball: http://www.usapa.org/ .

Field hockey has wrapped up the season with an astounding record of 7-3-1! We really pulled together as a team and worked hard to accomplish our goals. If your child in interested in playing field hockey there are plenty of opportunities to continue or start playing before the beginning of the fall season. Check out usafieldhockey.com , pinnaclefieldhockey.com , and the Ann Arbors rec and ed homepage. Thanks for all of your support!

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