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Music News: April 2012

     The month of April means that it is concert preparation time in all music, band and choir classes. When the students return from break we will be digging deeper into all of our songs for choir and the bands, and learning our songs in the K-5 music classes. Please note that the concert date has been changed and is now on Tuesday, May 22nd at 3:30. We look forward to putting on a wonderful show for everyone. Stay tuned for the May HBoN to discover what this concert’s theme will be.

Music News: March 2012

    This month in music class, we will be wrapping up all the units we have been working on and begin reviewing all the concepts we have learned since the beginning of the school year.

The 2-3 and 4-5 classes did a fantastic job with the recorders and learned a lot about music notation and music theory.

This week both of the bands and the choir will begin working on music for our concert coming up in May. I will reveal the theme of this year’s spring concert in the May edition of Honey Bunches of Notes. Until then we will be working hard to prepare for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

Music News February 2012

     The halls of Honey Creek are being filled with the beautiful sound of recorders. The 2-3 and 4-5 music classes are making great progress with the recorders. The classes have all successfully learned the first three notes: B,A,G, and also completed our first song: Hot Cross Buns. In the coming weeks we will continue to work with B, A, and G and learn other fun songs using those notes.

K-1 music classes have been learning about whole notes, composers, and jazz. We will continue to build on these ideas in the coming weeks and introduce whole rests.

Band and Choir classes are building on our knowledge learned during first semester and will soon begin working toward our next concert. If you hear any of these groups while wondering the corridors of Honey Creek, please feel free to pop your head in and listen for a moment.

Music update for January, 2012

Thank you to everyone who came to our Winter Performance. The students did a fantastic job and had a lot of fun performing for everyone. In the music classes we will now move on from our concert music and begin new units. The K-1 students will be learning how to read music and recognize simple rhythms. 2-3 and 4-5 classes will be learning to play recorders. Band students are going to be studying our lesson books and learning new notes so we can play more challenging music. Choir has many new songs, so they will be working on how to sing as a group.

Music update for December, 2011

Please join us on Thursday, December 15th as Honey Creek Community School Presents, “Flakes! A Musical Celebration of Snow, Slush and Snirt! Get ready to shiver, shimmy and shake! The North wind is starting to blow and temperatures are dropping to ten below..zero, that is! A big blizzard is on the way as a cool bunch of jazzy, finger-snappin’ snowflakes take center stage. What a glistening sight. Uh Oh! Here comes the snowplow! Join the fun as the Flakes and the Snirts help the Littlest Snowflake see how no two flakes are alike and we are all special in our own way. Show time begins at 3:30 in the gymnasium. Band 1 and 2 and choir will perform first followed by the K-5 program. If your student is in band or choir please remember to have them wear white shirts and black pants. If your student is in K-5 have them dress nicely for the concert. Some parents choose to send good clothes with their student to change into for the concert. I look forward to seeing you all at the Winter Performance.

Music Update for November, 2011

We are starting to wind down our big units in music class so that soon we can begin working on our winter concert songs. Concert preparation time is my favorite time of the year. I get to teach the students some wonderful new music, as well as, watch their excitement and enthusiasm as they perform the songs for the community.

The choir has already begun learning a few concert songs. They are also expanding their minds by learning how to sing a lullaby in Slovakian. Band 1 was able to come together as a large group for the first time this year. They are learning how to play together as a group and how each member of the band is supposed to play at just the right time to create a song. The music they are beginning to create is beautiful. They are excited to show the community what we have been working on.

Band 2 has also been learning to play together as a group. The 6th grade students have the biggest challenge since this is their first time playing with the middle school band. They are beginning to work together and are developing a very mature sound. I will be passing out Band 2’s first concert song next week. It is a very challenging song, but one that I hope will bring a rewarding experience. I look forward to creating wonderful musical experiences with each student and hope the community will come see our hard work at our concert on December 15th at 3:30.

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