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Art News: April 2012

Spring is here, and that means some exciting new art projects are happening at Honey Creek!  The K/1 classes are currently learning about Vincent van Gogh and his Sunflowers.  The students are learning to further their art history knowledge, as well as their drawing and painting skills with this project.

2/3 classes are working on their animal drawings.  They are learning about scale, texture, and proportions when drawing.

4/5 classes are finishing up a project on Georgia O’Keeffe; in which colored pencil and pastels are used to create soft blends, vibrant colors, and show details in some beautiful plants and flowers.

Middle School classes have just finished their Easter Island sculpture lesson, and the results of their painted Moai figures have been outstanding!

The Elective class is currently learning about color theory and painting techniques in preparation for a final project in which each student will choose an artist, research that artist, and create a piece inspired by their style and work.  Remember, you can see all of our students’ hard work on our Honey Creek art website, Artsonia, by going to www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1

Art News: March 2012

Honey Creek students have been working hard on some wonderful projects lately.  K/1 classes are learning about Claude Monet and landscape paintings, and are recreating a wonderful project on the Japanese bridge that Monet was so well known for painting.

2/3 classes are working on printmaking, and are currently finishing up creating their “printing plates.”

4/5 classes will be starting a project on Georgia O’Keeffe, learning about her famous flower paintings.

Middle School students are working on their sculptures based on the Moai statues of Easter Island.

The Middle School Elective students recently took a wonderful field trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, and we all had a wonderful experience!  Thanks goes out to the Fine Arts committee and all of our parent chaperones, and especially Bruce Worden and Karen Giltrow for all of their help!

Art News February 2012

February is shaping up to be an exciting month for the artists at Honey Creek!  K/1 classes are finishing up their Keith Haring  dogs project, while 2/3 classes are finishing up their project about rhythm, and how it is not only used in music, but also in art!  4/5 classes are working more on their musical instrument drawings and getting ready to add watercolor, pastel, and collage elements to their work.  Middle School classes just finished up their printmaking project and will be learning about the art of the Pacific Islands next, and creating a clay sculpture to go along with that.

Middle School Elective has begun a new term, and I am very excited about taking the class on their first field trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art on February 15th!  A big thank you goes out to Bruce Worden and the rest of the PTO Fine Arts Committee at Honey Creek for helping make this trip possible.  We are planning on a K/1 trip as well when springtime gets closer!

Art update for January, 2012

K/1 classes are beginning the New Year by learning about the work of Keith Haring and focusing on his dogs. They are learning how with simple shapes and lines, we can “build” a picture.

2/3 classes are learning more about abstract and organic designs and focusing on the design concept of rhythm.

4/5 classes are beginning a project which combines art and music together. Students are learning about drawing musical instruments and will make a collage with their drawings.

Middle School students are working on their printmaking project and will be printing designs on fabric in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you again to all of the parents, friends, and family members who have visited the artsonia website over break and left comments and made gift purchases. I know everyone is as proud of our students’ artwork in the first half of this school year as I am!

Art update for December, 2011

Art classes have been working on some wonderful projects since last month, and we have been able to get some wonderful new supplies to use thanks in part to our Artsonia website, and all of the friends and family who have helped us out! Please visit our website to see all of the wonderful projects that our students have been busy creating, at www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1.

K/1 classes learned how to draw people’s faces in a prior project using simple lines and shapes, and now they are learning how to draw an animal face (a lion, specifically), using the same basic principles of lines and shapes in different ways.

2/3 classes are learning about the painting ‘Beech Forest I’ by Gustav Klimt, and are creating a forest of their own using texture and warm and cool colors.

4/5 classes are learning about the work of Hungarian artist Victor Vaserely and his optical illusions, and creating one of their own. This is a project which incorporates a lot of math into art and produces amazing results!

Middle School is continuing with their Japanese art unit and they are currently working on making printing plates to print on fabric with, and using aluminum to learn how to tool a mask, similar to the masks used in Japanese Noh theatre.

Middle School Elective students are currently working on a large project, which includes researching an artist, and creating a piece of work based on the artist’s work. This includes learning about brushstrokes, color theory, and gridding and enlarging a painting.

Art update for November, 2011

October has brought about some wonderful art projects for the students at Honey Creek. Everyone has been working hard since the beginning of school and we are finally seeing projects on our Artsonia website! Thank you again to all of the parents, family and friends who have left comments for our artists and have purchased gifts that raise money for new art books and posters! You can visit our school’s page at www.artsonia.com/ HoneyCreekCommunity1. New art projects will continue to appear throughout the school year as they are completed. If your student does not have an Artsonia account yet, you can e-mail me at lparrish@hc.wash.k12.mi.us and I will be sure to send home a permission slip for your student.

K/1 students are currently working on collages inspired by Henri Matisse’s “Beasts of the Sea.” 2/3 students are finishing up a project in which they are learning about tints and silhouettes and creating their own city skyline scenes. 4/5 students are learning about the work of Keith Haring, and learning about drawing figures and showing movement using positive and negative space. Middle School students are beginning a unit about Japanese art and design, in which they will complete projects exploring printmaking, mask-making, and calligraphy/brush painting. Middle School elective is currently working on surrealist drawings, after completing their unit on abstract art and painting.

I also want to extend a thank you to the PTO for their help with supplies and donations, and to the parents who have donated things like trays, lids, and cups for painting — it is a big help for both myself and the students. Having the right tools and supplies allows them to create even more beautiful artwork. Thank you for all of your help and support!

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