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Middle School Science: December 2012

The middle school will spend time “journeying” towards the amazing and tropical islands of Hawaii.  There we will spend time understanding the processes of how the Earth created and allowed the islands to develop.  From the different geological processes that shaped the islands to the biological areas that make Hawaii a unique place to evolve over time, we will be using our knowledge about watersheds to see it working there.   In addition, we will journey to other places (Michigan, areas of earthquakes, etc.) and see how the Earth is being shaped there as well.


Middle School Science News: November 2012

The middle school is getting our “hands wet and dirty” with the “Earth Rocks!” unit by continuing to journey through our watersheds. We will continue this towards the middle of this month and then followup with a project on the Hawaiian Islands as our real-life example. We successfully took a journey to our local watershed, the Huron River, at Island Park and learned about water quality testing with help from our community partners at the Huron River Watershed Council at the end of October. This month, we will be working to use the knowledge we gained from our lab activities in porosity and permeability, regarding the water cycle, and Earth processes and apply them to the Hawaiian Islands. Although we can’t take a physical field trip to Hawaii, we will simulate experiences that will help students to learn more about how the “Earth Rocks!”

Middle School Science News: October 2012

Earth Rocks is the first unit that the middle school scientists will be investigating this semester as we “journey” in, over, and around the Earth. We start off with investigating watersheds, especially the one that Honey Creek School is involved with… the Huron River watershed. We are partnering with HRWC to do a field stream study as an outdoor school trip and will need parent volunteers to help chaperone students groups. We are projecting Thursday, October 25th as the date, rain or shine. If you are interested in helping out please feel free to contact me or signup when the informational email comes out this week. In addition we are partnering with Sarah Fick, graduate student at University of Michigan, to assist and participate in her graduate work in science education. Our own classroom will be a laboratory area where we will help her investigate how students learn science topics most effectively. With parent permission she will document and use this data for her dissertation.

Middle School Science News: May 2012

Middle school students are finishing up the “Climate Change” Curriculum that they are providing feedback to the University of Michigan Department of Education, and will finish with a short project on how they can suggest to minimize their carbon footprint.  Our school year’s theme of Homes and Habitats helps us to see how much of an impact humans can have on the Earth around us.

For the month of May, students will switch over to “hCSI” (Honey Creek Crime Scene Investigation), as students will learn and use science to solve crimes.  Using the principles of the scientific method and the science involved with the human body, students will gather data and evidence and either prove or disprove their hypothesis.

Middle School Science News: April 2012

The middle school science classes are investigating the science behind our Earth’s climate and the role humans are contributing to it.  We also have the privilege of testing out experimental curriculum from the University of Michigan’s Department of Education, which involves testing and giving student response to the lessons and activities they’ve created.  In addition to this, the middle school plans to develop ASL (Academic Service Learning) projects to contribute to the fight against pollution of our Homes and Habitats.

Middle School Science Notes: March 2012

What’s the Weather? 

Middle school students are in the full swing of things; recording their weather reports on our laptop computers.  Photobooth is a computer program that allows students to “transport” themselves to a city of their choice.  They will be reporting the weather and helping their viewers understand how to interpret weather maps and also forecasting the future.

After we finish the weather projects, we are moving toward understanding how our global climate is affected by what we, as humans, contribute.  We will use information collected through both scientific research and personal experiences to transform this into an Academic Service-Learning project that will transform the Honey Creek community as well.

MS Science update for January, 2012

Weather or not, here it comes!

The middle school science classrooms are investigating the weather we are experiencing in Michigan now, as well as what happens when different fronts move by our region. In understanding the science behind it, students will become proficient weather forecasters. Soon you might see these students on a weather report for HCCS Channel 2 news!

MS Science update for December, 2011

“That’s Life” Ecosystem projects are well under way and students are using their knowledge of ecosystems and are creating a “world of their own”. These projects will wrap up mid- December and we’ll move quickly to our next unit, “Channel 2 Weather”. Look for the ecosystem projects at curriculum celebration in January!

Science Update for November, 2011

Biomes, Ecosystems, and Food Chains… Oh my!

In the classroom, students are exploring what makes up an ecosystem and how organisms interact with one another in them. With these building blocks, students will start a project where they will use their knowledge and create an ecosystem of their own. We also are planning to take a field trip on Monday, Nov 14th to the University of Michigan’s Natural History Museum to understand the way scientists are interacting with the Michigan ecosystem.

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