PTO News February 2018


Why does Michigan like to tease us with the warm weather just to take it away! As we trudge through February, we have the mid-winter break to look forward to. We hope you take some much needed time for your family recharge. We need you all to come back strong and ready to volunteer for fun spring events!
SCRIP COORDINATOR- Sandi Danes-Little needs to start training her replacement. Please reach out to her or us if you are interested. It will be small hours this year and then next year you would take over and hopefully recruit help.
PTO SECRETARY- Ann needs to start training her replacement. There are only 5 more meetings this year and we need someone to attend a few of them to transition in as Secretary. We are low key, not a ton of hours needed. We have begun to alternate meeting times to accommodate more people, some months 8am, some 2:15pm.
FEBRUARY 9th – PTO MEETING 8AM – Please stop by and give us your feedback on PTO goings on. We are going to discuss the removal of our website which will be replaced as a tab on a HCCS FB page. We will also discuss how the community wants the meeting minutes distributed. We need feedback on volunteer positions that have remained unfilled. Al always gives us a great update on the school happenings that are very informative. See you there!
Alison, Ann, Janet, Carla


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