Middle School Science Update January 2018

Middle School Science

The new year continues onwards with our unit on Weather/Climate. Students are learning the fundamentals to how our atmosphere and hemisphere contribute to the weather conditions we experience. From cloud types, air fronts/masses, high/low pressure areas, and even to interpreting weather station data, we are learning how to become accurate meteorologists. Student groups will eventually adopt another city in the United States to produce a weather forecast video segment and use the information they learned about to predict the weather.
At curriculum celebration the students will be displaying their ecosystem projects entitled “That’s life!”  Each student took one of the major biomes across the globe, targeted a specific region within that biome, and recreated what the ecosystem is like there. You might find some interesting organisms in each of the ecosystems, as some students took the next step and created their own food web that could sustain life there. Each of the displays have some type of user interaction with it, so please feel free to engage the displays!

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