Directors Note December

Hi all,

I’m looking forward to our Winter Performance on December 10th. I hope to see you there, and I wish

you a very joyous and safe holiday season.

TerraNova results arrived last week, but we are still waiting on the results from the state assessments given last April.

Below are tables and charts that outline student progress as measured by the TerraNova 3 assessment.  The table provides you with the aggregate mean of the National Percentile (NP) and Scaled Score (SS).  The national percentile is determined by the pool of students taking the exam any given year. As this pool of students changes each year, fluctuations in the NP are common.  The scaled score is based on the number of questions a student answered correctly, and is a better reference to measure actual student achievement. A decrease in the scaled score from one year to the next indicates less than one year of academic growth.  An increase in the scaled score from one year to the next indicates more than one year’s academic growth. This year, many of our scaled scores have decreased. This is largely due to a change in the assessment period. In the past this assessment has been given in April. This year it was given in October, which means a decrease of instruction of six months. This change was implemented because of the change in the state-testing calendar.

Any one assessment can only give us a snap shot of how a student or group of students is performing on any given day. There is always the chance that other influences can impact a student’s performance negatively. It is for that reason that I prefer to look at patterns.

The table below provides mean grade level scaled score for the most recent assessment windows.

Individual reports will be sent home in your child’s planner or Friday folder on Friday, December 4.  If you have questions regarding your child’s performance, please contact your child’s teacher.  If questions remain,  please feel free to contact me.



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