Board News November

Honey Creek Board of Trustees met on November 18, 2015. Board Members Present: Karen Andrews, Sara Hoffman (arrived at 5:55p.m.), Megan Masson-Minock, Pamela Reister, Steve Rich, Linda Shirato, Greg White.  Staff and Community Present: Al Waters, Shellee Almquist, Sue Hofbauer, Mary Bassett, Karen Giltrow.

Board Spotlight: Yeo & Yeo presented the completed audit for 2014-15. Generally, the audit went well. The audit company found one material weakness due to cash reconciliations not being completed (this was an issue with new software this year) and one material noncompliance due to a budget overage.

Director’s Report: Al Waters reported on preliminary M-Step assessment data. He also encouraged attendance at the Charter School Advocacy Day in Lansing; it is particularly important to advocate for parity of funding for charter schools as compared to traditional public schools.

Finance Committee: Committee helped Shellee Almquist with cash reconciliations. School received a $50,000 gift from the foundation, and there was an increase in the state foundation allowance of $32,000. Board engaged in discussion of whether Honey Creek should be spending dividend from Community Foundation endowment or reinvesting in the endowment.

Foundation Liaison: Sara Britnall has stepped down from Development Officer position. The Foundation Board will decide what to do about this position during retreat in January.

Governance Committee: Board will have job descriptions for three administrators to discuss at next board meeting.

Branding: Steve Rich presented some versions of a new logo and elements for a branding platform, including focus on community, relationships between faculty, and flexibility. Will continue to solicit feedback.

Faculty Liaison: Staff thanked board for keeping raises in mind.

Old Business:

-Faculty raises. Discussion was tabled until budget is completed.

-Media position. Will be posted again in November, with decision to be made in January. Faculty feedback was shared.

-Facilities lease. WISD sent back a renegotiated lease which includes a reduction in rent for this year, followed by stepped increases next year and the following year. New lease allows for early opt-out for Honey Creek, and allows a clause to make capital improvements for rent refund. Following discussion, board agreed to support the new lease, which will be back-dated to July 2015.

New Business:

-Board president Greg White acknowledged that he has not been able to be as engaged with the board’s work this year due to other priorities; he offered to step down as an officer. Board encouraged him to stay on, which he will do.

Other items by consensus of the Board: Discussion of history of specials, including music, art, and the discontinued environmental education program.

Next meeting: December 16, 2015 at 5:30 pm in the Pit. Public encouraged to attend!

Full board minutes available at honeycreekschool.org/who-are-we/the-honey-creek-team/school-board.

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