Board News January 2015

Board News

The Board of Trustees met on December 17, 2014 at 5:30 pm. Present: Board: Yvette Atkinson, Christine Kelley, John Lonsway, Nina Nabors, Pamela Reister, Angela Tracey, Greg White; Community: Al Waters, Shellee Almquist, Mary Bassett, Karen Giltrow, Sue Hofbauer, Liz Scott.

Board Spotlight:

Al Waters outlined Special Education services and funding to the board in order for us to have a better understanding of these issues. Discussion followed.

Director’s Report: Al Waters reviewed the following:

Al Waters reported on his three financial status meetings held on December 2. These were attended by about 30 Honey Creek families and generated some good feedback and questions. One presentation was filmed and is available https:// www.facebook.com/hccsfoundation. Al will also consider holding a few more educational sessions this winter.

Al shared the Religious Expression Policy draft with the board.

Board reviewed Al’s request that we revise the Readmittance policy to allow families returning to Honey Creek after a hiatus to be readmitted if they left the school on good terms and in good standing, and if there is an available space for the child. Board approved this amended policy.

Al reported a confusion about an Emergency Alert that was inappropriately sounded by ISD workers (and responded to appropriately by Honey Creek staff). Al will meet with administrators at the ISD to clarify use of this system and make a plan for future response.

After some inappropriate use of the school email, Al and the middle school teachers reviewed appropriate technology use and internet safety with all students.

Committee Reports:

Committees reported on ongoing work, including having met goals established for 90-day mark at the beginning-of-year retreat.

Board agreed to meet for a mid-year retreat in February to focus on board development and meeting our goals for the year.

New Business:

Discussion of air quality in the school building, and protocols for dealing with student or faculty/staff complaints. Al has agreed to consult with ISD around cleaning duties and maintaining healthy facilities.

Old Business:

The Board of Trustees is seeking a 9th board member (either from the Honey Creek Community or from the local community nominated by a Honey Creek community member). The Honey Creek Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that Honey Creek Community School has the resources it needs to fulfill its mission and vision of inspiring and developing children through our proven methods of education. The Board is specifically seeking nominees who are dedicated to Honey Creek’s sustainability as a school, have professional and business contacts within the local community that they are willing to leverage, and are available for up to a three year term. Areas of expertise include attorney/ legal, accounting/finance, business background, community development, and fundraising.

Upcoming Events:

There will be two enrollment meetings for families interested in joining the Honey Creek community, on January 21 and 26, at 5:30 pm.

Next meeting will be held January 28 at 5:30 pm in the Pit. Public participation is always welcome!



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