Later Elementary News: October 2013

Welcome to Later Elementary, 2013-2014!  As the new year is beginning, we are working on getting our website up-to-date.  We will send out an e-mail when the website is set, but you may feel free to check at any time.  On the website, we have included a link for classroom wish lists.  At this point, you should have received an e-mail from our room parents about fruit bowl sign ups. If you haven’t had any e-mails come through, let us know and we will check that your e-mail is on the classroom lists.   A huge thanks to our room parents for all the time and effort they have already put into helping us make this year extra special for your children!

We’ve been working on getting to know our classes, HCRR and team building, projects, and setting up expectations for classrooms, hallways, and other places that the children are frequently visiting.  We have also been working on getting academic assessments done so we can best meet the needs of each student.  Look for content overviews in next month’s newsletter!
A reminder that the Run-Walk-a-thon is coming up on Sept 28th.  We would like to see lots of later elementary student and parent participation!  The school-wide participation we have had this far has been fantastic, but we’d like to see more 4/5 kids involved.  You don’t need to spend the whole day, or walk the entire 10 miles, but any piece of time you can give to the event makes a difference.  Get a few pledges, walk a few laps, and help us raise money for our school!

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