Middle School Math News: June 2013

Middle School Math
Wow, the end of the year is here and everyone is preparing for a BIG math test!  All math classes have been preparing to take a cumulative final scheduled for this week, except for Algebra. They began their final on Friday of last week (5/31).  We have discussed the best way to prepare for the final during class and the students will have this week’s class time to review and ask questions.  As we have discussed, the best way to study for the final is to take out all of their old tests from this year (about 8 per class), and redo all of the problems, working toward understanding, and check notecards, be sure they are thorough and accurate.  We’ve discussed options in case they don’t have all of their old tests as well.
It’s always exciting to review the extensive material we have been able to cover this year.  I look forward to the students “showing me what they know” on the final!
Have a great summer… keep those numbers in mind.

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