Early Elementary News: May 2013

This month Early Elementary students are working on preparing their weather reports, which they will share at the Curriculum Celebration. They are working in groups to create a weather report that will include a “live on the scene report” (complete with a background they painted to portray their severe weather event), a five-day forecast, safety precautions, and seasonal activities for viewers once the storms have passed.

In writing, we are preparing to begin our final unit of the year. In this unit we introduce the students to poetry and help them to “see things through a poet’s eyes”, and to use details, descriptive language, and line breaks to create rhythm and imagery through their poems. They will begin the unit by bringing in special objects from home to practice seeing things in new ways.

In math, we are practicing strategies for problem-solving, including knowing our doubles and being able to solve our “doubles plus one”, counting up to add, counting down to subtract, and adding or subtracting a ten. We are also working on fluency, the ability to solve problems quickly and easily by learning math facts and applying the strategies we’ve learned.
Service Learning News: Read to Feed
Congratulations to our great readers! As they push themselves to read more and to advance to higher reading levels, our students found a way to challenge themselves while helping others. They raised money for Heifer Project International by participating in their Read to Feed program. Students gathered pledges from sponsors for each book or amount of time they read. They learned about how Heifer Project helps families around the world become self-sufficient by providing livestock and training so families can improve their own nutrition and sell products to help the family afford basic needs, including housing, healthcare, and school fees.
At the end they collected and pooled their pledges with their class and voted on what kinds of animals to purchase through Heifer Project. They were especially excited about the fact that their gift continues giving. Each family that receives an animal must then pass on the gift (offspring from their animal) and training on to another family, who then passes the gift on to another family, and so on.
Honey Creek students raised over $1000 for Heifer Project and used the donations to purchase water buffalos, chicks, rabbits, llamas, and other animals for families in need. If you are interested in participating in this program with your child outside of school, the information is available on their website: www.heifer.org.

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