Technology News: March 2013

2/3 Technology

In 2/3 technology, students have been working on our Boat Design unit, which ties in to the 2/3 Science curriculum. Students have been hard at work brainstorming, sketching, measuring, and beginning to build! Take a look at the short video below, which shows our students working on their boat designs in anticipation of beginning to build and test!


4/5 Technology

In the 4/5 technology classes, students have started an exciting new hands-on project called Vibrobots! In this project, students are building battery-powered robots that shimmy, shake, and dance! Along the way, they are also documenting all their project work by combining written notes, photos and videos, and organizing this in a Keynote presentation using the iPads. Soon, they’ll be adding motors, legs, and batteries so their creations can come to life!

Middle School Technology

The Middle School technology classes have begun a new engineering design-based project in which they will be designing, building, and testing solar-powered vehicles. There are nice tie-ins to science and math in this unit as well, and I am really excited about seeing what the students create! Student have been working hard on their design work and are getting close to having final design drawings done. From here, students will choose materials and begin building their vehicles.

MS Technology Elective

In the Middle School technology elective, we have gotten underway with our new course for Semester 2.

The 2nd semester technology elective is focused on Assistive Technology. Students will be working on and learning about how technology can help people overcome physical or other challenges. We’re planning on partnering with a Honey Creek parent who works with patients at U-M hospital, building video games that challenge them to exercise muscles and regain flexibility during occupational therapy. We are also hoping to partner with some of the High Point classrooms.

During the class, students will be using the engineering design process to identify problems and opportunities, brainstorm potential solutions, and create artifacts that help people, whether those artifacts are digital (like a video game) or physical (like a tool or implement).

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