Music News: March 2013

With all this crazy weather lately it’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner, but we aren’t going to let the winter blues affect our music making. The K-1’s have been learning about movement and music. They were able to play their new favorite game, Freeze Dance last week and this week we worked on movement with solfege hand sign singing. The 2-3’s and 4-5’s are coming to a close with the recorder unit. They all sound so wonderful on the recorder I sometimes wonder if the students have been replaced by professional recorder players! Band 1 students have been learning many new notes and I will be handing out songs for our concert in the coming weeks. Band 2 students will also be working on songs for our concert in the coming weeks as well as continuing to work on intonation and tuning as a group. The choir students received their first concert songs this week and are already really excited about their songs. One thing that I began this year in my classroom is the Composer Spotlight. Every month, I pick a composer and put up some facts on a bulletin board about that composer that they may not have already known. This month’s composer is John Philip Sousa. I won’t share his whole life story with you, but one fun fact you may not know is that he was known as the “March King.” He wrote 136 different marches including Sempre Fidelis, the official song of the United States Marine Corps.

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