Middle School Math News: March 2013

This year is flying by, already the March Newsletter…

Proportional Thinking and Percents seem to be the theme throughout the Middle School Math Classes this past month.  All classes working at their own level, Course 1 followed up a unit covering decimal operations with percent problems.  Course 2 is working on a dilation project after learning about proportions and scale factors.  You may have seen my email about collecting cardboard for our project.  Our finished product will be displayed at the May Curriculum Celebration.  Course 3 is also completing a quick review and extension of their knowledge, and ability to work with percents.  Next, we will be explore the wonderful world of statistics…

The Algebra class continues to show great discipline and motivation.  For example, I can give them an assignment of the Study Guide Review (1 – 116), and they will do the problems that best prepare them for the test.  Occasionally, during class, as we are learning about Polynomials – what they are, how to add/subtract them, how to multiply them – I will hear “this is fun!” or “this is cool!” – which is exactly what I was thinking 🙂

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