Later Elementary News: March 2013

Welcome back!  We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the chaperones who made our Ann Arbor field trip such a success at the end of last month!

As we return, all students have been informed that work expectations increase at this point in the year.  In the words of Cheryl Quinn–we no longer have fourth and fifth graders–we have rising fifth and sixth graders!  All classes are focusing on grammar and language expectations and we are beginning an in depth biography project that will extend through April.  Students will be choosing their influential figure to research by March 8.  Look for more details coming soon!

In science we are wrapping up our paleontology projects.  Make sure to ask your child about his or her new position as master paleontologist in the teeny-tiny country of Honey Creek, located in the center of Utah.  It’s so tiny that Utah doesn’t even know it’s there!  But there are a lot of great new fossils to find and explore there!
After this, we’ll be studying electricity and electrical circuits for a few weeks.  This will tie in to the vibrobots that students are working on in technology as well as into our DTE presentation and education earlier this year.  We will be studying the human body following that mini-unit.  There have already been several community members who have stepped up to teach different body systems.  We are still looking for anyone with expertise about the digestive system.  Look for much more about this unit in April!
In social studies we are working on explorers of the “new world” and the three cultures that “collided” during exploration and colonization.  Students are studying geography of Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America to help them understand how resources, geography and belief systems moved people around the earth.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry continues to go very well.  We have been having many discussions in each class.  It’s very interesting to hear the different questions that come from each class and see where these lead students to dig deeper into the many themes in this novel.  Continue to check the website regularly for pacing, current progress and assignments.

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