Technology News: January 2013

In 2/3 technology, students have been creating their “All About Me” presentations with Google Docs. They have been very excited about making a project that captures who they are and what they are interested in, and have been sharing these with me using the collaboration features of Google Docs.

In the 4/5 technology classes, students have been working on a new cross-curricular project that integrates technology, language arts, and social studies, based on the “Pure Michigan” ads. Students wrote poems during Language Arts time, and have now been working on recording themselves reading these poems aloud using our USB microphones and GarageBand. They’ve also been searching the Web for images that relate to the Michigan place their poems are about, and building a movie in iMovie that pulls these images, sounds and words together.

The Middle School technology classes have been working on a new place-based education project dealing with technology and its relationship to our society. Students have been using the inquiry process of asking questions to learn more about the local businesses next to our school that make asphalt and construction materials, and gaining a deeper understanding of why these businesses exist and how they impact our society and environment.

In the Middle School technology elective, students finished their second major project, which saw them using the engineering design process to create devices that will produce clean, drinkable water. They are now working on a research project dealing with transportation technology in a 3rd world country.

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