Middle School Math News: January 2013

December was quite busy and productive in Middle School Math…
In Algebra we dove into Linear Functions… you remember Ax + By = C or y = mx + b or (y − y₁) = m(x − x₁).  There are so many ways to represent a line, it can be confusing.  And the graphing, they just love graphing lines – she says with a little sarcasm.  This month we will begin using those newly earned skills in creating a piece of art using Linear Functions.  Look for their art at Curriculum Fair.
After finishing the first part of the Map Dilation Project late November, Course 3 studied a short unit on Graphs, Functions, and Sequences.  It included how to graph equations, identify which equations arefunctions, and how to identify and write rules (equations) for arithmetic sequences.  This month we will complete part two of the Map Dilation Project.  For the Curriculum Fair we will be transforming the gym into a large map of Washtenaw County, we’re excited and a wee bit nervous.
As I mentioned previously, Course 2 has been working on Applications of Rational Numbers with a specific focus on reviewing and expanding our understanding and uses of fractions.  In December we began a project that involved ruler, fractions, and problem solving.  The project is called Amateur Architect, they will be constructing an amateur version of a blueprint for a house.  You will be able to see their work at the Curriculum Fair.
Course 1 has also been working on understanding and learning to work with fractions and perform operations with fractions.  The project we will be presenting at Curriculum Fair was completed early December as reinforcement in our work with integers.  The High/Low Integer Project had us online searching for the highest and lowest elevation points in each state, then calculating the differences… I think our map will be quite interesting.
I look forward to seeing you at the Curriculum Fair on Friday, January 18.

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