Later Elementary News: December 2012


Fourth and Fifth Grade Science is really getting rocky!  Literally, as we are moving into a unit on Geology!  The kids are really fired up about getting this unit off the ground, we are looking forward to learning about the earth’s make up, the systems of plate tectonics and how volcanoes and earthquakes play into this system.  Water’s place in the system, and the materials that make up the earth are all to come, as well as a focus on fossils and the geologic timetable of Earth.  I look forward to lots of hands-on work and projects that relate to this topic.

Language Arts

We are continuing to read Hatchet. Students have been working on reflections in class for each chapter.  Look for a comprehensive portfolio of their work at curriculum fair.  Just a reminder, their adventure book projects are due Dec. 21st … all rubrics/instructions can be found on Johnny’s Literature page on our website.

Social Studies

Students have been building models of landforms out of salt dough in order to show an understanding of how land differentiates from water formations on Earth.  This links nicely with Cheryl’s science lessons in her geology unit.

4/5 students have also started working on the state projects to coincide our unit on Pure Michigan.  More information will be on the website within the week.  They are both rather large, cross-curricular projects that will be ‘chunked‘ into smaller assignments for the students. This really helps them see how to practice using their time management skills on large projects.

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