Middle School Math News: November 2012

With MEAP testing finally finished we are just getting back to our normal schedule. The Algebra students have impressed me with how  well they remember the basics of solving equations from last year and then how well they are able to pull all their knowledge together to solve some pretty impressive equations, i.e. −2(x − 1) + 5x = 2(2x − 1). We are adding inequalities to their equation solving skill set as well, including absolute value inequalities. Course 3 is working on some of the most used middle school math skills in adult life… ratios and proportions! All the many uses there are for ratios and proportions, figuring out your gas milage, modifying a recipe for a larger group, converting different units of measure, and the list goes on. Feel free to express the usability of this particular math skill to  the students of Course 3. In Course 2 we are moving through different number systems… beginning with Natural Numbers (or counting numbers the ones we know pretty well as kindergarteners), to Whole Numbers (natural numbers but including 0), and currently we are working with integers (whole numbers and their opposites – negatives). We are taking time to understand them and be able to do the four basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing). Next, we will move into Rational Numbers… how  fun will that be! In Course 1 we are rounding out our unit on Numbers and Patterns by exploring integers and coordinates. Using number lines and coordinate planes to develop a deeper sense of integers. We will be moving into integer operations very soon.

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