Media Center News: October 2012

We’re happy to be back at it here in the Media Center. The beginning of school always comes in like a tidal wave of projects, great ideas, and hopes for the new year. Joining Marion in the Media Center this fall semester are Middle School student workers Evan, Nyah, Alix and Noah. They’re helping to keep the Media Center running smoothly and looking good, while working on some job skills like punctuality and following directions. We also welcome adult volunteer Liz Meurer, who comes in on some Friday mornings to help  shelve books and work with the classes that come in. Glad to have them here! A marvelous- and NEW!- addition to the Media Center’s  capabilities is a set of four computers, which Bill has been working to get fully set up and ready for student projects and research. We appreciate all the work he’s put into both keeping our four elderly machines working last year, and in getting the four new ones up and running. These computers will be a wonderful extension of our ability to help our students succeed. The Media Center is playing a role in the Middle School’s independent project, which started in mid- September. They’re researching local places, concentrating on the areas in which they live. Marion presented some information and strategies for researching local history, and the students heard presentations on the land on which Honey Creek School now stands, and on doing research in their individual towns from representatives of local history groups. They will likely be approaching family members for memories of what the town in which they live looked like back in the day. Please mark your calendars- and your winter holiday shopping lists for the Fall Festival Book Fair coming on Friday, October 26. Our wonderful local bookseller, Nicola’s, will be hosting the sale in the Media Center, and will give 20% of all sales to the Media Center to build its collection. With the coming of fall also comes a slew of new books, which our students are already asking for. The Book Fair is a great chance to do some winter holiday shopping for the kids on your list, an opportunity to support a local business, and a way to help Honey Creek’s Media Center grow! Recess in the Media Center will begin again on October 2.  Each day, a portion of our students is welcomed into the Media Center during recess for that quiet reading time or homework-catchup time that some crave during a busy day. Grades 2/3 can come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4/5s come on Wednesdays and Fridays, and Middle School students may come in any day with a pre-arranged pass from their base class teachers to do their work or reading. While it suits some students best to be active on the playground, we try to preserve a space of calm during the day for others  to relax and take a break with a good book. If you are among the generous Honey Creek community who enjoys contributing to the  library, please take a look at our wish list that is kept on Amazon.com From the school home page, click on “Current Families” and then on “Media Center.” You’ll see a link called “Help Build our Collection.” The link will drop down when you click, and you can see the items we’re looking to add to the library. There is no need to buy the items from Amazon if you want to buy locally; just use it as an idea source for the things we need the most. Thanks in advance to all who contribute material to the Media Center’s collection! Here’s to a great, productive, and fun fall!

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