Academic Service-Learning: June 2012

Wow.  I’m constantly amazed as I walk through our school and see all the service in action.  Walking through a huddle of parents discussing summer gardening, seeing middle schoolers stop to teach 4/5s how to handle conflict, witnessing an organized group make some terrific ideas a reality….all these things help make Honey Creek so special.  Many opportunities will continue throughout the summer, both to help at Honey Creek and in the community at large.  Please continue to share these moments with your children and jot down these experiences on an AS-L log (located outside the aftercare office).  Soon we will have a total of all hours recorded from June 2011 until now.  I anticipate this number being even higher than last year and know that it is only a fraction of the service that is being done.  As always, I would like to gather stories of some of the work you’re doing.  New families to Honey Creek often ask me for ideas and I’m happy to share what I know.  However, your experiences are so much more diverse and inspiring that I would like to compile some of these stories into a service journal for families to look through.  Please e-mail me at jthompson@hc.wash.k12.mi.us with any tidbit you’re willing to share.  Thank you and have a terrific summer!

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