Technology update for December, 2011

The 2/3 students were extremely excited to be the first class to use the iPad cart! All students had a chance to use the iPads and explore this exciting new piece of technology. We then continued working on a few new computer applications. Students used the Graph Club program to create a graph of something that interested them, then used Pages to write about what was in their graph. Using Google Images, they were able to add images to their informational text.

The 4/5 technology classes are finishing their Scratch projects. Scratch is used to design and create their own interactive stories, games and animations. This week is our final week to work on Scratch projects, and students will show their projects at the Curriculum Celebration.

The Middle School technology classes have now finished the revised versions of their “What is Technology?” videos. These videos examined the 3 aspects of technology (process, knowledge, artifact) and described them in the students’ own words. Most students have finished uploading their videos and are submitting them for review via the school’s file server. They will be receiving feedback using the Moodle online class management system. The Middle School classes were also introduced to the iPad cart! Students have been alternately using the iPads and laptops, learning about the strengths of each one and gaining a better understanding of when to choose one over the other as a learning tool. I also did instruction on moving files between home and school as related to the Middle School Independent Project.

The Middle School technology elective, Programming with Processing, is coming along nicely, as students are continuing to work on their own programs that generate visual images. Students have been working with color, using control structures such as loops, and learning advanced functions in the Processing environment. Each assignment is posted to the class Moodle site, which allows students to work at their own pace while receiving feedback and comments about their work.

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