Music update for December, 2011

Please join us on Thursday, December 15th as Honey Creek Community School Presents, “Flakes! A Musical Celebration of Snow, Slush and Snirt! Get ready to shiver, shimmy and shake! The North wind is starting to blow and temperatures are dropping to ten below..zero, that is! A big blizzard is on the way as a cool bunch of jazzy, finger-snappin’ snowflakes take center stage. What a glistening sight. Uh Oh! Here comes the snowplow! Join the fun as the Flakes and the Snirts help the Littlest Snowflake see how no two flakes are alike and we are all special in our own way. Show time begins at 3:30 in the gymnasium. Band 1 and 2 and choir will perform first followed by the K-5 program. If your student is in band or choir please remember to have them wear white shirts and black pants. If your student is in K-5 have them dress nicely for the concert. Some parents choose to send good clothes with their student to change into for the concert. I look forward to seeing you all at the Winter Performance.


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