Art update for December, 2011

Art classes have been working on some wonderful projects since last month, and we have been able to get some wonderful new supplies to use thanks in part to our Artsonia website, and all of the friends and family who have helped us out! Please visit our website to see all of the wonderful projects that our students have been busy creating, at www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1.

K/1 classes learned how to draw people’s faces in a prior project using simple lines and shapes, and now they are learning how to draw an animal face (a lion, specifically), using the same basic principles of lines and shapes in different ways.

2/3 classes are learning about the painting ‘Beech Forest I’ by Gustav Klimt, and are creating a forest of their own using texture and warm and cool colors.

4/5 classes are learning about the work of Hungarian artist Victor Vaserely and his optical illusions, and creating one of their own. This is a project which incorporates a lot of math into art and produces amazing results!

Middle School is continuing with their Japanese art unit and they are currently working on making printing plates to print on fabric with, and using aluminum to learn how to tool a mask, similar to the masks used in Japanese Noh theatre.

Middle School Elective students are currently working on a large project, which includes researching an artist, and creating a piece of work based on the artist’s work. This includes learning about brushstrokes, color theory, and gridding and enlarging a painting.


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