Academic Service-Learning update for December, 2011

Winter Greetings! Our Food Gatherers drive is well underway. Thank you to all those who have helped fill our bins already. We will continue collecting until December 16 so keep it coming! Our first AS-L assembly was a success. Students were excited to talk about AS-L projects and some began planning how to do more right away! Remind students to fill out their logs to keep track of time spent on service or AS-L projects. I am still gathering class goals and will have the school goal by the next newsletter. Look for a tracking poster on the AS-L bulletin board as soon as I have everyone’s numbers.

I am always amazed and impressed by the generosity and willingness to serve in this community! It is a huge tribute to parents and families that our students are continuing this trend. One example is a group of 4/5 students who have demonstrated a desire to help other children. Anya Helzer and Adeline Griffith identified a school in Africa and gathered information to see how they can help students who have limited resources. Below is a letter composed by them asking for your help. Unfortunately, there is a time crunch with the school in Africa that necessitates holding this drive at the same time as Food Gatherers. Regardless, their enthusiasm continues and they are hopeful they will still receive enough materials to send a substantial package to this school. Read their letter below to see how you can help.

Thank you for all you do, and, as always, let me know if I can assist you in any way!



Dear Honey Creek Community, Our names are Anya and Adeline. We are doing an AS-L project. This project is helping Anya’s aunt’s school in Tanzania. We are doing a drive to collect books, puzzles, plastic animals, dry tempra paint (we can’t mail liquids) and water colors. Used or “like new” items are acceptable. They would prefer board books but not cartoon characters or Disney books. We are also in need of financial donations for shipping if you would like to contribute that way.

These children are four years old and speak Swahili. They haven’t learned to speak English yet, so the simpler the book, the better. The only materials the school has currently are small and big rocks, sticks, a blackboard, chalk, paper, pencils, bottle caps and ten books. They have one large room, half the room is carpeted and the other half is not. Maybe you can help! The goal is to make this a pre-school, ready to open in January. This will get students ready to go to the primary school that is planned to join the already established Ruaha Secondary School. These schools are located near the city of Iringa. Because the pre- school is planning to open in January we are in a hurry! We will have collection boxes out until December 16 so that we can mail the materials before winter break. Thank you for anything you can offer!

Anya and Adeline

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