Enrichment Programs

Honey Creek values the whole child. Because of our fabulous group of parents, teachers, administrators, and local partners, we are able to offer ”bonus” enrichment for our students. These programs are open to all, for all; and they would not be possible without the community support.

Farm-to-School: This national movement is meant to create a community partnership between schools and local farms. At Honey Creek, we work with area farms to purchase and feature fresh, seasonally-available produce and products. Each month, we focus on a particular item. Some of our favorite featured foods include basil, sorrel, carrots, kale, sweet potatoes, and honey. On the first Thursday of the month, we offer free food-tasting opportunities during lunch. These are open to all students and staff, regardless of whether you’ve bought or brought your lunch. In-class Farm-to-School teaching may also be possible some months, so that students may experience new foods in-depth, exploring the sources of their foods and learning about how their food choices affect their own health. Additional Farm-to-School food and nutrition education and hands-on learning experiences for the children are offered throughout the school year, with Try-It-Tuesdays, farm field trips, and/or the school garden. If you would like more information on Honey Creek’s Farm-to-School program, please contact our Wellness Committee through Honey Creek PTO hccs.pto.chair@gmail.com

Try-It Tuesdays: Introduced in 2010 at Honey Creek, Try-It Tuesdays bring Farm-to-School fruits and vegetables to the menu on a regular basis. Weekly during the growing season, and bi-weekly during the winter, every Tuesday hot lunch includes an optional side dish of a featured food (in a recipe or on its own), as well as a taster-sized treat for all students to try for free. Look for your child’s “I Tried It!” sticker, as well as for copies of the recipes s/he liked the best, if available. This program is a joint effort of the Honey Creek PTO, Honey Creek Administration, and Sara Simmerman, Food Director of our lunch program. If you would like more information on Try-It Tuesdays, please contact our Wellness Committee through Honey Creek PTO hccs.pto.chair@gmail.com

Honey Creek Edible Garden: Honey Creek’s Edible Garden is located near the large play structure on the Honey Creek playground. It is planted and maintained by school families for almost year-round enjoyment by our students. Previously we have grown such vegetables as kale, chard, carrots, snap-peas, tomatoes, beets, lettuce and spinach. In addition to our vegetables we have herbs such as basil, parsley and chives and flowers which include calendula and sunflower. The majority of the garden offerings have been grown for the sampling enjoyment of children as they play on the playground. We  expanded our garden to include a section off the A-Centrum. This area will be cultivated for the express purpose of growing a variety of greens to be used by food-service staff members in Honey Creek lunches. If you would like more information on how to become involved with Honey Creek’s garden please contact the Wellness Committee through Honey Creek PTO hccs.pto.chair@gmail.com

Honey Creek Science Olympiad Team:  The Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad is one of the largest Elementary science competitions in the nation. During the Olympiad, teams of 2-5 students compete with others in their grade level in one or two events. Parent volunteers are always needed to coach events and past events have included: water rock building, anatomy, potions, straw towers and chopper challenge. The Olympiad is held in the spring with students in grades 2-5 eligible to compete. If you would like more information on Honey Creek’s Science Olympiad Teams please contact our STEM committee.

Additional enrichment opportunities that may be available through Honey Creek’s After School Program include Art Studio, Capoeira, Chess, Choi Kwang-Do, Theater, Guitar, Italian, Legomaniacs, Piano, Swim, and Violin.

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