Vision, Mission and Belief Statements


Vision Statement

Honey Creek Community School will be a model for high K-8 student achievement articulated through curriculum, assessment, instruction, and reporting.

Mission Statement

Honey Creek Community School provides an outstanding education of the whole child so individual students reach their academic potential through a rigorous, project-based curriculum and a community focus. Honey Creek students develop critical-thinking skills, a positive self-image, and an appreciation and respect for diversity.

Belief Statements

We believe that students learn and flourish with experiential, integrated, and thematic instruction.

We believe that there are experts of all ages in our community who contribute to student learning.

We believe that the development of cooperative learning strategies and the ability to work successfully as a team member are essential life skills.

We believe that every individual is entitled to a respectful environment that is both physically and emotionally safe in which he or she can develop to his or her full potential.

We believe that it is essential for children and their families to be active participants in students’ education, their school, and their community.

We believe that celebrating academic, personal, and civic achievement promotes enthusiasm for learning and supports a positive self-image.

We believe that fostering genuine relationships between the High Point and Honey Creek communities creates opportunities for students to share the joy of life viewed through a broad lens of human experience.

We believe that curriculum-based service learning projects enhance student learning.

We believe instruction is academically rigorous when students are challenged to research, explore, and synthesize complex topics to develop a deep understanding of core subjects.

We believe students demonstrate their learning as they share, explain, and transfer their new knowledge.

We believe that our intentional commitment to small, multi-age classrooms leads to strong relationships that promote the development of each student.


Community: Sustain and enhance Honey Creek Community School by encouraging and connecting the time, talent, and resources of our entire community.

Curriculum:  All core academics will be aligned both vertically and horizontally with the Common Core Standards and/ or GLCEs and integrated with: (1) curriculum based service, (2) projects emphasizing environmental sustainability.

Instruction:  All classrooms will have high quality differentiated (same learning outcomes, different means) instruction that is integrated, project-based and challenges each child to achieve at his or her greatest level.

Reporting:  All grade levels will provide consistent and informative reports on student achievement, social growth, and classroom activities.

Note: Specific action plans, metrics, and timelines will be developed with input from the faculty, administration and community.  As those action plans are developed they will be share with the entire Honey Creek community.

Strategy Screen

Any strategy must meet the following criteria:

  1. Support the Honey Creek Community School Mission
  2. Be aligned with the Honey Creek Community School belief statements
  3. Be sustainable in terms of human and financial resources
  4. Meet quality criteria, i.e. do whatever it is really well
  5. Communicate the Honey Creek Community School story
  6. Possess measurable academic and social outcomes

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