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April 2018 – Technology News

Hi all! Exciting news in the technology department! Honey Creek is now the proud owner of a 3D printer! In Middle School, we just began a unit that explores engineering design, 3D printing, and CAD software. We will be using an online CAD program, TinkerCad, to learn about design, 3D printing, electronics, programming, and more […]

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January Newsletter

Hi all! Happy New Year! We’re doing some exciting stuff in technology this month. In the 2/3 classes, we’re starting to talk about Internet Safety and Netiquette. Ask your kids about the 3 Keeps of Internet Safety! In 4/5 we’re working to finish up our Digital Posters that we’ve been working on in Science and […]

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December 2017 Newsletter

Hi all! In technology, Middle school just finished up their Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories using Twinery. You can check them out here. In the 4/5 classes, we’re working on programming using Scratch.mit.edu. Cheryl and I are collaborating on a digital poster project where students will be making interactive diagrams of how the senses work in our brains. In […]

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November Newsletter

Hi all! In 2/3 technology we’re continuing to improve our basic word processing skills in Google Drive. We’re also working on our typing skills using the site  Typing.com. Students can use typing.com at home by clicking on the “Login with Google” button at the bottom of the page and using their Honey Creek account credentials. […]

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October Newsletter

Technology Updates Hi all! Happy beginning of the school year! In technology this month the 2/3 classes are working on creating/editing/sharing documents and folders in their Google Drives. In 4/5 and Middle School we’re beginning our unit on Internet Safety. In Middle School elective we’re using the processing library for javascript to create animations and […]

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May Newsletter

Hi all, In technology this month we are mostly finishing up big projects that you will be able to check out at the Curriculum Celebration next week! In 2/3 we practiced using the engineering design challenge by designing, building, testing, and improving boats made from various materials. In 4/5 we have been working hard to […]

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Technology Newsletter April 2017

Hi all! Happy Spring! We’re doing lots of fun projects in tech class this month. In 2nd/3rd grade, we just finished up using iMovie on the iPads to make trailers about 3D shapes.  Check them out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7rJG26aQ8Vhd29XNEd1LVNsMTQ?usp=sharing  Next up for the 2nd/3rd graders is working on a boat project. Students will design and create a […]

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February 2017

There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on in technology this semester. The 2/3 classes are working on their research skills. We’ve been working on using keywords in search engines to find information online. Our next project is to create an ABC’s of Inventions book using Storyjumper. Each student was assigned one or 2 letters […]

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Technology Newsletter December 2016

Hi all, Can you believe it’s already December? 2016 has flown by so fast! We’re doing a lot of fun stuff in technology this month! In the 2/3 classes, we’re still getting to know our Google Drives, learning to use word processing programs, and learning about file types. Coming up, we will begin our Digital […]

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Technology Newsletter November 2016

Greetings all! Here’s what we’re doing in technology class this month. 2/3 Classes: We finished up with internet safety and began exploring our Google Drives. This month students will learn to create and share documents, create folders, and save pictures to their Drives. We will also be learning the different file extensions for pictures, and creating […]

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