November Newsletter

Hi all!

In 2/3 technology we’re continuing to improve our basic word processing skills in Google Drive. We’re also working on our typing skills using the site  Typing.com. Students can use typing.com at home by clicking on the “Login with Google” button at the bottom of the page and using their Honey Creek account credentials.

In 4/5 we are finishing up with Internet safety and beginning to work on programming. We will be using Scratch to develop basic programming logic skills and create interactive programs and animations.

In Middle School we’re finishing up our internet safety unit. Next up we will be using Twinery  or Inklewriter to create choose-your-own-adventure stories and develop web-editing skills at the same time. Middle School elective is working on programming using p5.js, a subset of the Processing language. We are currently learning about objects in programming and applying the concept to create a fish tank!

Happy November!


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