May Newsletter

Hi all,

In technology this month we are mostly finishing up big projects that you will be able to check out at the Curriculum Celebration next week!

In 2/3 we practiced using the engineering design challenge by designing, building, testing, and improving boats made from various materials.

In 4/5 we have been working hard to complete our wigglebots. Students designed them from scratch, built them, and have spent weeks making improvements. They are looking awesome, and the students cannot wait to show them off at curriculum celebration and take them home!

In Middle School we are finishing up our assistive tech challenge using makey-makeys. There are some awesome and creative designs that meet the needs of a fictional client. I hope you’ll check them out at curriculum celebration!

In MS tech elective, we’ve been working on making games and programs in JavaScript. They’ve made everything from ciphers to breakout games.

Have a great May!



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