Technology Newsletter April 2017

Hi all!

Happy Spring! We’re doing lots of fun projects in tech class this month.

In 2nd/3rd grade, we just finished up using iMovie on the iPads to make trailers about 3D shapes.  Check them out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7rJG26aQ8Vhd29XNEd1LVNsMTQ?usp=sharing 

Next up for the 2nd/3rd graders is working on a boat project. Students will design and create a boat that can float while carrying a load.

In 4th/5th grade, we’re working on designing and building Wigglebots! Students learned how to complete a circuit to power a dc motor, and are using various materials to offset it and make their design move across a flat surface.

In Middle School, students are working on designing creating controllers for makey-makeys for a “client” with a physical disability.

In Middle School elective, we’re using javascript to create a breakout game and other various coding projects.



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