Technology Newsletter November 2016

Greetings all! Here’s what we’re doing in technology class this month.

2/3 Classes:

We finished up with internet safety and began exploring our Google Drives. This month students will learn to create and share documents, create folders, and save pictures to their Drives. We will also be learning the different file extensions for pictures, and creating our own gif images using abcya’s animation maker.

4/5 Classes:

In November the 4/5 students will be working on making Pure Michigan projects. This is a fun collaboration project where they will be researching a place in Michigan and writing a poem about it in Language Arts. Then in technology, they turn their poem into a Pure Michigan video by recording themselves reading the poem and adding music and photos.

Middle School:

In Middle School this month we will be working on creating our own podcasts using audio mixing software. They will be working in groups of 2-3 to create intro music, write and record their scripts, and mix the project. In the technology elective, students are continuing to create their own games.


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