October 2016 Technology Newsletter

We have been discussing Cyber Safety and Acceptable use in technology this month. In the 2/3

In the 2/3 classes we are talking about the 3 keeps of internet safety. They are:

  1. I keep safe my personal information, all of it
  2. I keep away from internet strangers
  3. I keep telling my trusted adults anything that makes me feel uncomfortable

We had some guest speakers from the Washtenaw Area Council for Children come in and talk to the 4/5 and Middle School classes. They visited each class and led important discussions with students on concepts including cyberbullying, digital reputation, privacy & security, netiquette, and online predators.

In the Middle School technology elective we are using GameStarMechanic to learn about the elements of game design. Students are learning to create well-balanced games. Later in the semester, they will also be using Scratch to program some games.


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