June 2016 Technology Newsletter

Hi all!

The 2/3 classes are finishing up their Green Screen videos. Most of them have their finished video saved to their Google Drives. I’ll send out an email with a link to all of the videos when they are completely finished.
The 4/5 students have been working on Scratch programming. They made awesome interactive collages about themselves. Ask your child to show you their project on Scratch.mit.edu!
In Middle School, we got some really exciting news! As I’m sure most of you heard, the Middle School Philanthropy Life Skills Class started a Donor’s Choose Project to get 25 Chromebooks, and due to a generous donor who matched that campaign, we are able to get 50 Chromebooks for next year! This means we will be able to go one-to-one with the Middle School next year!

Have a great summer!

Jess PSimer


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