Specialty Camps


Environmental ED-ventures!
Grades 1st-8th ($280/week)
June 25th-29th from 8:30am-2pm
Group size: 6-16 campers
Instructor: Jeannie Crayne

Campers will explore and help care for 40 acres of diverse habitats which include wetlands, prairies, a forest, a pine grove, nature trails, several NWF-certified Schoolyard Habitats, an edible garden, and a greenhouse with over 100 plants. Campers will earn service hours all while learning and having fun!

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Jeannie, a 2/3 grade teacher at Honey Creek, is an experienced gardener who shares her enjoyment of the the greenhouse, gardens, and grounds with her students and campers by blending nature, education, and fun.

Theatre Camp
Grades 5th-8th ($280)
June 25th-29th & July 9th-13th from 8:30am-2pm
Instructors: Johnny Thompson & Elizabeth Scott

We will take five full days to rehearse and put on a complete one act play! We will also be taking time to work on props, costumes and set design. We’re looking forward to great times making great shows!  We will do a different show each week, so join us for one show or both!

ABOUT THE DIRECTORS: Johnny Thompson teaches fourth and fifth grade at Honey Creek and has a great love for all things dramatic.  She was very active in her own school plays and enjoys leading the creative arts camps and Theatre productions at Honey Creek.  Elizabeth teaches middle school language arts and brings experience of her own days working set and props crew for high school musicals.  She also enjoys watching children act silly.

K-2 Craft Camp
Grades K-2nd ($180/week)
July 16th-20th & July 23rd-27th                                      from 8:30am-11:30am
Group size: 6-16 campers
Instructor: Alexa Korpal

Ready, Set, Craft! This camp is for children in grades K-2 who like to create, get messy, and have fun! Make and take a variety of projects and explore your creative side. Sign up for one or both sessions and do new crafts each week!

Alexa is a K/1 teacher at Honey Creek. She spends much of her very limited free-time crafting new things as gifts for others and is excited to share her love of arts and crafts!

“That’s So Metal” Jewelry Camp
Grades 4th-8th ($180/week)
July 16th-20th & July 23rd-27th from 12:30-3:30pm
Group size: 6-16 campers
Instructor: Marta England

Learn some mad artisan skills to rock this summer in one-of-a-kind jewelry creations made out of metal wire.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Marta is the art teacher at Honey Creek. She graduated with a Masters of Art from EMU. She started her career as bench jeweler working with local artists. She traveled for over 10 years selling her jewelry at art fairs.

Earthwork Art Camp
Grades 3rd-8th ($180/week) July 23rd-27th from 8:30am-11:30am
Group size: 6-16 campers
Instructor: Marta England

Campers will be inspired by our 40 acres of nature to create beautiful works of art en plein air.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Marta is the art teacher at Honey Creek. She graduated with a Masters of Art from EMU. Her lifetime goal is to visit all the “Land art” sites in the United states.

Brain Monkeys @ Honey Creek
Grades 1st-8th ($180/camp)
Group size: 6-16 campers
Instructor: Katie Tilton & Brain Monkeys Staff

Brain Monkeys: Storytelling with Lego – 
June 25-29 from 8:30am-11:30am                              Campers will use the LEGO Education StoryStarter kits, building materials, mini-figures and software as hands-on learning tools to create their own stories and enhance their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.


Brain Monkeys: Newspaper Geometry – June 25-29 from 12:30-3:30pm                               Don’t be fooled by the title of this camp!  Newspaper can be used to teach Geometry and it can be lots of fun!  In this camp we will use newspaper and other everyday objects such as straws and pipe cleaners to bend and make geometric shapes.  Campers will also build their own structures that they can cover with old sheets, fabric, or even more newspaper to make their own secret geodesic dome hideaways!

Brain Monkeys Junkyard Wars: Chain Reaction – July 16-20 from 8:30am-11:30am                What happens when dominos are lined up and then one is knocked over?  It causes a chain reaction and the other dominos fall one by one!  What if we were to create a MASSIVE chain reaction?  We could use dominos, marbles, string, cups, and lots of other household supplies!  Did you know this type of chain reaction can also be called a Rube Goldberg Machine?  In this camp we will learn all about Rube Goldberg and how to build an epic chain reaction that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come!

Brain Monkeys Junkyard Wars: Mega Marble Maze – July 16-20 from 12:30pm-3:30pm    Do you like to build?  Do you think you can design and build a marble maze that has hills, spirals, ramps, and loops?  Using everyday materials, build your own marble maze and learn some basic physics principles in the process!

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Katie Tilton is a certified school teacher, artist, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur who saw the need to increase the number of programs that support discovery-based learning.  She founded Brain Monkeys back in 2009 to offer inquiry-based programs in after school and summer camp programs, evening and weekend classes and workshops, clubs and groups, private tutoring and more.


click here to enroll online:  app.campdoc.com/register/hccs

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