Specialty Camps


Brain Monkeys @ Honey Creek
Group size: 6-12 campers
Instructor: Katie Tilton & Brain Monkeys Staff

Brain Monkeys: Sumo Battle Bots (Grades 3-5), Cost $205

June 22-26, 8:30 am-11:30 am

Using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot kits, campers will become familiar with the fundamentals of computer programming. They will use a powerful icon based, drag and drop computer language that is easy to learn for many different types learners. Students use this language to combine basic elements called icons (analogues to functions and subroutines) including motion control and sensor icons to build programming that exhibits “intelligent” behavior.

Once campers have achieved a series of challenges which demonstrate their basic understanding of programming, they will begin to work on their Sumo Robot. Battles take place in a 4 ft. diameter ring which is built using specific competition level requirements. The goal of a sumo battle is simple: knock your opponent out of the ring as quickly and efficiently as possible. Strategy is a must and campers will repeatedly try new ideas in order to test and refine their robot before we begin the official sumo battle rounds.

Brain Monkeys: Hot Wheels Physics (Grades 1-4), Cost $190

July 13-17, 12:30 pm-3:30 pm

Ever play with Hot Wheels cars and tracks? I bet you didn’t know that you were exploring the wide world of physics when you raced those speedy cars around the track? Let’s go wild and build, learn, and explore physics with hot wheels cars, tracks, and more!

INSTRUCTOR: Katie Tilton is a certified school teacher, artist, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur who saw the need to increase the number of programs that support discovery-based learning.  She founded Brain Monkeys back in 2009 to offer inquiry-based programs in after school and summer camp programs, evening and weekend classes and workshops, clubs and groups, private tutoring and more.

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