Physical Education Newsletter April 2017


I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break as we get ready to head into our last stretch of the school year.

We are excited to have borrowed bowling equipment for the next couple of weeks in the gym.  We will have 6 lanes set up when the students return from break so that classes can play various games with the bowling sets.  In K1, students will be working on bowling technique, basic rules, and counting.  Along with continued work on bowling technique, the 2/3 classes will mix in cardio bowling, team challenges, and scoring of the games.  The 4th and 5th graders will be doing 2 weeks of bowling while the middle school classes will be participating for 1 week.  Both of those grade levels will learn how to score and be in charge of keeping track of game scores on their own.

Staff vs. Student basketball game will take place on Friday, April 14 from 8:30am-9:30am.  This is a time in which the middle school students have a chance to compete against the staff in a friendly (but competitive) game of basketball.  The whole school is invited to watch.



Students, across all grade levels, have been doing a great job in the pool.  The 4th and 5th graders have been practicing water polo skills including dribbling, shooting, passing, catching, and head up freestyle sprints.  They will continue to practice these as we will have a water polo game in the upcoming weeks.  In the 2nd and 3rd grade level, students have done a great job making improvements to their frog kicking and implementing it into their elementary backstroke.  After break, the 2/3 classes will have a review day on this as well as get more practice on dolphin kicking and an introduction to breaststroke arms.  K1 has been working really hard on freestyle swimming and began more treading water last week.  When they return from break, students will get much more practice on treading water and sculling.

I understand that schedules get crazy towards the end of the school year.  As a reminder, please send your child with the following on swim days:



-hair tie 

-goggles (if needed; helpful for many children, but not required)

 Thank you for your help with this!

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