Physical Education Newsletter January 2017

As the semester wraps up and a new year begins, I am thankful for all the Honey Creek students and families that make this school community so special.  I am looking forward to going back to school on Monday and excited to see what opportunities the rest of the year brings.

Physical Education

All grade levels (K-8) will begin a dance mini-unit in January.  We will have a lot of fun creating our own dances, learning choreographed dances, and listening to music.


The first week back will consist of a swim review for the grade levels that will include: water safety and pool rules, strokes learned, and getting comfortable in the water again.  As we move forward, the K1 classes will be doing a lot of freestyle progression drills as well as fun water safety lessons and toy collection games.  The 2/3 classes will begin to focus more on short axis strokes including breaststroke swim and dolphin kick.  The 4/5 will continue to build on stroke technique as well as endurance but will also be learning the basic rules to water polo this semester.

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