Physical Education Newsletter, December 2016

The K1 students have been working really hard in the gym on various skills including: overhand throwing, underhand throwing, kicking, dribbling, and striking.  We have done a number of different games to help improve these skills as well as various “station” days in which they mix in fitness activities during class.  They will begin to focus more on side-arm striking over the weeks before break and will complete some teamwork challenges as well.

2/3 classes have done a great job working on their endurance in the pool.  This week, we did a freestyle progression in which they swam a lot!  They will work on frog and dolphin kick over the next two weeks.  In the gym, the 2/3 classes have been working on practicing their overhand throwing skills in a more dynamic setting.  They will begin side-arm striking games with paddles next week.

The 4/5 students are in the middle of their first volleyball unit.  They are doing a great job challenging themselves to learn new skills and encourage one another throughout the process.  We will be continuing volleyball and ending our unit with a game of Eclipse Ball the week before break.  In the pool, the 4/5 classes have been working on transitions when swimming multiple lengths in a row.  They have been practicing both open turns and flip turns, as well as breakout strokes.

In middle school, students have also been working on a volleyball unit.  The middle school students will be focusing a lot on volleyball rules next week and getting into more of a scrimmage setting to put their skills to work.  They have been practicing: overhand serve, spike, set, bump, and block.

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