Physical Education Newsletter November 2016

Students across all grade levels are working on finishing up their FitnessGram assessments.  Last week, students completed the PACER test during class to help them set goals throughout the year to increase their cardiorespiratory endurance.  This week, students have worked on finishing up the following components of the FitnessGram test: curl ups, back saver sit and reach, push ups, and trunk lift.  The Honey Creek students have once again impressed me with their focus and effort during these assessments as well as their constant encouragement to their classmates.

K1 classes have worked a lot in the pool on streamlining off the wall, challenging themselves to see how far they can glide with a single push.  They continue to make improvements in their flutter kick and get more comfortable in the water every week.  In the gym, we have been practicing our underhand and overhand throws by doing both partner skill work as well as various games.

2/3 and 4/5 classes were challenged in the pool to kick on their backs and balance a cup on their foreheads.  This encouraged students to focus on body position during backstroke; some students even swam entire lengths without the cup falling off!  We will continue to progress in backstroke as well as work to increase our treading endurance and learn some open turns over the next couple of weeks.

Middle school has done an excellent job on FitnessGram in the gym.  They have taken a lot of personal responsibility in regards to their individual fitness levels.  Next week, students will begin a volleyball unit in the gym that will continue throughout the month of November.

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