Physical Education 2016

It has been an exciting start to the year for Honey Creek in both the pool and the gym.

K1: The K1 classes have been doing a great job this past month focusing on developing locomotor skills, spacial awareness, following directions, and practicing sportsmanship.  The locomotor skills that they have begun to learn include: skipping, galloping, running, and shuffling.  They have had both individual practice with these skills and practice in a dynamic, game environment.  Over the next couple of weeks, students will be introduced to the overhand throw as well as various fitness concepts.

The K1 classes continue to make improvements in the pool as they work on floating, flutter kick, sculling, and gliding.

2/3: Students in the 2/3 classes have done great work so far this year.  We are finishing up our soccer unit in which students got to practice dribbling, passing, and shooting.  They were introduced various positions and put into a game setting as well.  2/3 will begin to complete more fitness circuits over the next couple of weeks and will take part in the FitnessGram beginning the week of October 24th.

In the pool, we have had many days dedicated to flutter kicking and developing more endurance with our legs.  The students have begun freestyle progression drills and have taken the deep end test one time.  We will continue to practice freestyle swimming as we add in more backstroke drills and treading practice over the next couple of weeks.

4/5: I have been very impressed with the focus of all the 4/5 students this year.  They have shown great teamwork and dedication to making improvements in both the pool and the gym.  Students in the 4/5 grade levels have finished up their soccer unit and will be working on exercise technique.  Again, beginning the week of October 24 the 4/5 students will take part in FitnessGram testing.  This year, they will complete 5 components of this including: PACER test, trunk lift, sit-and reach, sit-ups, and push-ups.

The 4/5 graders have done a fabulous job in the pool.  We have been able to complete drill progressions for freestyle and have begun to build in some endurance work by swimming multiple lengths in a row.  Next week, students in these classes have earned a game day and will be playing water basketball.

Middle School: The middle school classes are always a lot of fun to teach.  In the elective class we are focusing on team sports this semester.  They seemed to have had a lot of fun during our time playing eclipse ball and are always eager to get to the next game.  In the middle school PE classes we have just finished up our soccer unit.  This week, students are working on technical aspects of 3 exercises: the squat, burpee, and push-up.  Students will complete a squat clinic in which they work in groups of 3 to practice form.  Next week, they will learn about and complete a Tabata circuit during class and will begin FitnessGram testing on October 24th.

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