The students have continued to make so much progress in the gym over the past couple of weeks. In the K1 classes we have been practicing a lot of overhand throwing by playing various games. Students have also been doing a lot of relays and locomotor skill practice as a daily routine. Our focus over the next couple of weeks will be teamwork as well as skill development. In the pool, the K1 classes continue to build on their freestyle and flutter kick technique. This week, students are being introduced to gliding and will focus on streamlines under the water.

The 2/3 students began working on striking in the gym last week. Over the next month they will work on improving their side-arm strike technique. Students will begin to build more running endurance when they come to class through various warm-up activities and games. In the pool, the 2/3 classes have been working on various details of swimming including: open starts, streamlines, and open turns. The 4/5 students are also working on open turns and will be beginning flip turns next week. They are starting to build up more endurance in the pool and swim multiple lengths in a row for warm-up every day. In the gym, the 4/5 classes will be doing a striking review as well as a mini team handball unit this month.

The middle school classes have just started a team handball unit that we will finish up right before break. While students will learn the rules and set up of the game, their main focus will be on passing and working as a team during this unit. They continue to work on fitness levels during play as well as their daily dynamic warm-ups. In the elective class we will be introducing some water challenges including diving bricks, kicking, and circuits. When in the gym, students will be completing various partner circuits (focused on skill technique and increasing fitness levels) and mini games.

Please remember that the weather is changing and students need an extra pair of shoes for the gym.  Boots will not be allowed on the gym floor.

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