Physical Education and Swim

The students have been really busy in the gym this year. Recently, they have been working on their overhand throw technique with a mix of skill practice and games. Starting this week, across all grade levels, students will be participating in the Pacer Test as part of the Fitnessgram in order to help assess aerobic capacity. This is done more as an introductory for the K1 classes where we view it as a game to “beat the beep.” They are focusing on organization, sportsmanship, and counting with tallies for a partner. As the grade levels increase, students run in groups and we record the total number of laps for each student. This helps students set fitness goals for themselves as we work more on cardiovascular endurance next semester and complete the Pacer Test again in May.

In the pool, our 2/3 and 4/5 students have been working on long axis strokes. This past week they began backstroke progression drills, focusing on body position in the water. I challenged the classes to balance a cup of water on their head while kicking down the pool, and they did not back down! We will focus on backstroke for the next two weeks before introducing open turns and starts. The K1 classes are doing a great job in the pool as well. They have been working very hard on their flutter kick and are beginning freestyle drills as they progress.

The gym/swim elective continues to be a blast to teach. We have split time and are now in the gym on Mondays and in the pool on Wednesdays. In the gym we have done a lot of circuit training focusing on various fitness components using bodyweight exercises with minimal equipment. Students continue to show improvement in their endurance levels and skill technique every week. I have been impressed with the enthusiasm in the pool during activities such as water polo, water games, and lap swimming. Students will be introduced to water aerobics and specific stroke clinics over the next couple of weeks in the pool.

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