March HBoN

Lower Elementary – In January, I attended the annual Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids, which provided me with a whole lot of new activities to use with the kids.  I have already started integrating new activities into our curriculum. I attended sessions that were mainly focused on this age group, as it is where I have the least amount of experience.  We are integrating folk dance, composition, body percussion and spacial awareness into what we are currently working on in class.  


Upper Elementary – We are hard at work on our Link Up concert Music.  The Concert is March 14th and 4/5 will be away from the school for the whole school day, first, at the concert, then at the University of Michigan Museum of Art.  Students need to bring their recorders in a bag with their name on it.  If they don’t have a travel bag, a plastic zipper bag will do. We will be collecting them in a bin when the orchestra begins their part of the concert and will distribute them back to students when we return to the school.  After March 14th we will jump right into working on our pieces for the Spring Concert. I think you will find the music “enlightening”. (That’s a hint)


Music Lab – We are very excited about this class this semester as we have gotten off to a great start.  The format for class has changed in that Monday’s are reserved exclusively for choir rehearsal.  We are primarily focused on fundamentals of singing, learning solfege, diction, vowel color, and vocal health. Our music selections this semester are from some very highly regarded musicals.  In addition, this group of students impressed me when they asked if they could do a foreign language piece, and brought me a suggestion of a piece we could perform.  I was all too happy to accommodate them and found an arrangement right away!


Wednesdays in Music Lab have been dedicated to our Singer/Songwriter project.  Reaching out into the HCCS Community, I discovered one of our parents, Anne Heaton, is a Singer/Songwriter who teaches, in addition to her own musical endeavors, with GRAMMY’s in the Schools and at Interlochen Fine Arts Camp. She has graciously agreed to come in and give our class some one on one attention, share what her process is like, and give us some pointers on writing our own songs.


Concert Bands

I’m working to foster a relationship with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra and begin a formal lessons program here at Honey Creek.  To that end I’m asking musicians from A2SO to come in and give Masterclasses on their instruments to Honey Creek students.  February 23rd and 26th Becky Bloomer of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra came out to do a Masterclass with the trumpets.  In March, Melissa Mashner of the A2SO Flute section coming out to do similar classes with the flutes in both bands.  Being in such a great community of abundant talent and willingness to share it with our students is just one of the reasons I love teaching at HCCS!


Jazz Band

The Sparks Jazz Band is lighting up the place!  We are off to a great start, having a 12 piece ensemble for our first attempt at a jazz band is amazing!  Full rhythm section, including 2 guitars, bass, and auxiliary percussion.  We are a little light on the brass section, so if your student is interested, see Sue to sign up! We meet Monday’s from 3:15 – 4:15 on the stage.

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